About Conference

International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) commemorates International Day of Human Rights of the United Nations every year with great commitment on national and international level. IHRO team has decided to commemorate the International Day of human Rights of the United Nations 2016 by arranging its 16th Annual National Human Rights Conference from on 11 December 2016 in Islamabad Pakistan. International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and working together with Governments, United Nations and other International institutions to promote and protect the basic fundamental human rights of the masses declared in the universal charter of human rights of United Nations to build a global village of lasting peace, social, and economic justice and development for the 21st century.

In the past seventy years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, the international community has made important advancement towards the fight against racial discrimination and other forms of intolerance for the restoration of peace in the global regions. National and International laws have been enacted and numerous International Human Rights instruments. 15th National Human Rights Conference on “Implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights”” will enhance, uplift and further strengthen the issues of human rights with the present situation of Human Rights and its related mandates.

It is increasingly recognized that human rights are essential to achieve sustainable development. In September 2015, 170 world leaders gathered at the  UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York to adopt the 2030 Agenda. The new Agenda covers a broad set of 17  Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) and 167 targets and will serve as the overall framework to guide global and national development action for the next 15 years. The SDGs are the result of the most consultative and inclusive process in the history of the United Nations. Grounded in international human rights law, the agenda offers critical opportunities to further advance the realization of human rights for all people everywhere, without discrimination. IHRO-Pakistan participated in this historical summit as an ECOSOC member of the United Nations.

Many governments, bilateral donors, multilateral institutions, civil society organizations and corporate actors will seek to align their policies and programs with this new sustainable development agenda. More broadly, the significance of the SDGs lies in the boost they can give to the accountability of states to their people and to the financing and implementation of existing development and human rights commitments. Importantly, the SDGs are designed to be universally applied and are not limited to developing countries. Therefore, the next 15 years offer a crucial opportunity to promote development approaches that contribute to the protection and fulfillment of human rights, through domestic policy and resources, international collaboration, and global financial flows.

IHRO has also focused on SDGs and Human Rights in the coming years to promote the United Nations agenda on this historical commitment. This year’s conference theme is “Un sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights”. IHRO has arranged this conference in collaboration with IHRO has arranged its 16th Annual Human Rights Conference in collaboration with National Commission for Human Rights and United Nations Information Center along with other partners. The aim of the conference is to share practical solutions through discussion and debate that can support human rights by implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference will also follow the United Nations theme for International Day of Human Rights 2016 ” STAND UP FOR SOME ONE,s RIGHTS TODAY”

IHRO provides a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from government, academia, the United Nations, international agencies, NGOs, and grassroots organizers to share practical solutions towards the achievement of more sustainable and inclusive societies to enjoy better human rights in Pakistan.


The main emphasis of the conference is to consolidate emerging transformative perspectives and social actions at institutional, local and global levels that can lead to a better world and future for all. The General committee has set the following nine points agenda for this most important conference.

  1. The United Nations SDGs: Initiating for better Human Rights
  1. Role of civil Society and National Human Rights Institutions
  1. Development on Women, children and minority rights
  1. Free Media , human rights and democracy in Pakistan
  1. Human Rights and Business to achieve the SDGs
  1. Impact of Terrorism on Human Rights and Peace

At the conclusion of the conference, it shall adopt the “Declaration” with final report and produce an action plan to be implemented at the national level.


The one day conference is expected to attract a substantial number of high profile and distinguished experts from across the disciplines within the national arena. The format will include full length papers, break-away working sessions, round table discussions, panel discussions, poster presentations and case studies.


16th National Human Rights Conference will be held in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan on December 11, 2016.

The Conference will elect a president among the representatives of participating delegates. It is customary for a representative of the host organization to be elected in this capacity.

The opening addresses will be made by the invited personalities, chief guests and leaders of different political, religious parties and civil society.


  • Conference Secretariat will set the rules and procedures of the entire Conference.
  • This shall be adopted by every participating delegate attending the Conference.
  • The Conference Secretariat will elect other officers of the conference in accordance with the set rules.


His Excellency the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been sent an invitation for Inaugurating the 16th Annual National Human Right Conference 2016.



The major objective of the conference is to create awareness on human rights and sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The outcome of the Conference will not only generate a positive contribution towards the promotion of the Human Rights in Pakistan but will be another step forward towards the promotion and protection of human rights in the light of the Universal Charter of the United Nations. It will bring greater attention to the Human Rights situation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Pakistan.